“Why are you making these useless ads?”

I was texting my friend Jessica who mentioned her duty at work that week was to search for useful pictures in a stock image archive that her father’s business had paid to access for a month[run-on]. Stock images are hilariously predictable to me, generic pictures of happy people used to target a particular demographic that imply positive outcomes to the viewer. I decided to subvert the synthesis of advertisements with images suggesting negative results or putting the product in a normal context while the text should seem somewhat authentic. I try to avoid insinuating negatively towards a product’s demographic (any asshole can do that) or losing the message signal in abstract noise but if it happens, it does. These “ads” are not targeted at any particular company but instead the ad creation process and expected forms of particular advertising genres.

Now that I’ve explained the joke it’s not funny. Go away.

You’re welcome to distribute these images for non-monetary gain.

Contact: go to Twitter and put @amanicdroid with your question into a tweet. If I don’t respond, wait a few days and try again. If that doesn’t work, I probably believe you’re a bot. [Subject] Delete all of your spammy links and try again.


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